Kitchen Respray 

We can give your kitchen a new lease of life, by spraying outdated doors and drawers.

We remove the doors and drawers and spray them in our workshop. We then spray the exposed carcasses and trimming onsite.

For a full make over we can fill handle holes, to fit new handles, fit new brushed aluminium kickplates.

And manufacture and fit new cabinetry. Cupboards can be converted into drawers.

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We work with DIY enthusiasts who are welcome to bring their doors to the workshop for a respray too.

Take a look here for more info on a recent kitchen makeover.

We can spray the following types of doors, boards, panels, and cabinets: 

New or existing MDF/ Supawood , real wood,  veneers & metals (including aluminium)



Spraying New Kitchens 

We provide a custom kitchen spraying service for  kitchen suppliers, installers, joiners who want to offer their client a high quality and customised finish.

We can supply your with the doors - send us your cutting list for a quote.

From traditional to ultra modern - we cater to all tastes. We offer a colour matching sevice, matching to a sample or colour code.

Stunning range of finishes to choose from: 

Matt finish – no shine – smooth finish

Satin /sheen finish- more shiny, smooth finish

High gloss finish – very shiny finish, mirror like

Clears  – in a matt, satin or high gloss finish


See materials for more information on paint used 


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